Frequently Asked Questions

There's lots of talent out there who may have questions about what we do. This area is designed to help you as much as we can.



 1. Uploading my videos


How am I chosen?
We have a professionally trained evaluation team, who know what we are looking for.

Can I upload from any part of the world?
Yes you can.

How many times can I send in my video?
As many times as you want.

Can I have more than one video playing at the same time?
Yes, there is no limit to the amount of videos you can submit or the amount that you can have playing simultaneously

How long will my video stay up in one of the Galleries?
It depends on how many entries we have at the time as well as the popularity of the video. But it will always be up for a minimum period of 1 week

Will I be guaranteed a place each time I upload?
No, each upload is considered separately based on the talent and performance involved in each video upload.

Can a person vote several times for the same video?
Yes they can as many times as they like

Do I have to sign up with my real name or can I sign up with a nickname?
We suggest that you definitely signup with a real name as both a performer and as a subscriber. This is important because as a performer we need to send you money through PayPal which should match the details of your credit card that you will use on Paypal, otherwise you might have problems with Paypal as they might need to make sure the same person buying the subscription is the real cardholder. Also If you are a performer, there is a place in the upload document for Stage Name which is the name that will be shown on the screen to the viewer. For purposes of performing we will use the Stage name.

Do you share my information with anyone else?
No we do not ever share your information with any third party.

Do you allow full nudity in the sexy dance gallery?
We allow full rear nudity and bare breasts for both sexes, but no full frontal nudity below the waist which means specifically no uncovered pussies or dicks in the galleries.

Can I use my mobile to record my videos?
Yes you can.


 2. Use of music


If I use original music, what is the procedure?
If you use original music we suggest that you get the permission of the composer. If the music has already been released it is covered by a license agreement from a Performing Rights Society (PRS)

Can I use pre-recorded tracks like Karaoke tracks?

Does the music have to be strictly rap or R&B?
No, not strictly, it can be Urban as well. As we are always open to new forms, we don't strictly limit anyone to any genre of music.

Can I lip sync and not perform live?
Yes you can but you have to tell us who is actually singing

Can it be another person singing on the track?
Yes it can be another person if what you want to show is your ability to mime as your performance.

Can I use whatever music I want?
Yes you can. However, if you are using an original track of a producer or composer that has never been recorded then you must either:

a) get permission in writing to use the beats or music of a producer as you legally cannot use it without their permission, or

b) if the music is popular, been released and being played on the radio, 9 times out of 10 it is covered under an internet broadcast license (which we have) so that is ok to use.

If it is original music by a producer or composer you must either get the written right to use it or provide us with a waiver so that if the writer of the music is unhappy with your performance they cannot hold us legally responsible for it.
If you are using original music on your video we require that you sign a waiver form absolving DaBlockonline Ltd, from any legal responsibility before putting original music on our site.

Can any category of music or dance participate?
Even though we are primarily an Urban based entertainment site, we are not so narrowminded as to think Urban is just Hip Hop, R&B, Dance or House or for that matter any of the stuff that we are already doing. We are open because we are always looking for the artist that brings something different and unique or can creatively combines genres in a new and different way.


 3. Payments and money stuff


Does everyone voting for me have to pay through pay pal?
Yes, this is the only system that we use

How long will it take before I receive payment from my votes?
We try to send everyone's money within 2-3 weeks after their video stops being played. However if a video is extremely popular and continues to get played for many weeks, we will pay that person every two weeks.

How do I get paid?
We send your money to you through your PayPal account

Why do you charge an application fee for submissions?
Our application fee is used in part to hire people to watch all the videos more than once. Also we process each application individually so that we can help people with professional feedback. Also we use this information to let them know when we are in their areas so they can audition as a Newcomer. We do all this with real people so that we can give the people who send in their videos the best opportunity possible. We try to keep the price reasonable. Also our thinking is that we are much cheaper than if you sent your video or song to a company by a courier service.

Can I buy a subscription with my cell phone?
Only if your phone supports Paypal. Subscription, votingm and upload payments are only acceptable with Paypal. We suggest Paypal because it also allows you to add on credits for the galleries and special events more easily. We have a Paypal link on the site so it makes it easy to download and start

Do I need to send DaBlock any cash for anything?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. If anybody ever asks you for any cash in connection with the Da. Block. Online, IT'S A SCAM. We only take Paypal or credit/debit card for subscriptions. We have this policy for the protection of our customers. Also please do not give anyone your credit card number or details, our website is secure and we suggest you and you alone register with us. If you are using a link someone has sent to you, you will still have to subscribe, upload or vote through Paypal.

If I am approached by a person who says that they are on the production team who offers to help me get into DaBlock for a fee, how do I know if it's true?
STOP .If someone says this it is a SCAM. No one has either the means or permission to offer anyone a guaranteed place on Dablock. Do not believe these approaches. And Please… DO NOT send any of your financial your data to anyone making such a claim. Only through THIS website can you buy a subscription to Dablock


 4. Agents and Record Companies


If I get chosen, can I get represented by a professional talent agency?
Yes. We try to keep things simple. If we like you, then we will ask if you would like to be represented by one of the agents we work with. These are talent agencies based in London and the U.S.A who specialize in going out and trying to break new talent in clubs, movies, music, and record companies. In some cases if we like you enough we will recommend you to one of the many record companies that we know. It all depends. There are so many different ways and roads to success. Our goal is to help as many people as possible become as successful as possible so that they can earn money from their talent.

How much is the agent's percentage?
The normal rate for an agent is between 10-15% depending on what they are doing. But each agent sets their own fee.

How do record companies get in touch with me if they like me?
They would contact us and we would contact you through your email.


 5. About us


Where are your office headquarters?
Our administrative offices are located in London, England. Different parts of our operation are located in London, Miami Florida and Atlanta Georgia.

Can you be reached by telephone?
Normally the best way is through email and if we feel we need to talk to you by voice we will call you back on Skype. Generally because this is an international site covering lots of time zones all over the globe, the best and most effective way to communicate with us is by email. We try our best to respond within 48 hours. Also we are set up to do a direct Facebook response.

If I have a marketing or sales question can I really call Rich, the guy on the "Make Money With Us" How It Works video?
Definitely. Rich is a serious streetwise hardcore grinder with his own style. He knows lots and lots about marketing and sales. He can and will help you if you are having problems marketing and selling DaBlock to your friends, family and colleagues. He has been selling products since he was a kid and knows the marketing game from top to bottom. He is one of the best at what he does. And the best part is he is just an email away:


 6. Getting on Da Block


Do I need to be a professional to audition?
Absolutely not. Our position is that you might not have had any formal training but might be the next big thing. In fact some of the actors appearing in our daily drama may not be experienced actors, but nevertheless they are being seen by lots and lots of people on the web everyday. You might be next. We hope so.

What do I have to do to audition as an actor on DaBlock?
Just hold tight a little longer. We will be asking for actors submissions later in 2011. They will be much like the Big Breakz or the Sexy Dance Galleries. People will be given a scene and asked to submit a video. So all you actors hold tight and you will get your chance.

Can I participate from any country in the World?
Yes, you can

How do I make it to the location to be on DaBlock as a Newcomer if I am chosen to perform live?
We will be coming to a location near you and nearer that time we will give you plenty of notice so you can have a chance to come in to take your place on the Newcomer stage. We have started filming live Newcomer performances in Florida and will be working our way on to other places.

What are the chances of me being chosen?
We try to be as fair as we can and we don't exclude anyone, so for example if we don't choose you for one particualr, we might well choose the next video you send in.

How can I become a writer on Dablock
From time to time we send out a shout out for new writers. Look for one in the Spring of next year 2012.

How can I become a marketer for Da Block and start making money by selling Da Block to my circle of friends?
See our "Make Money With Us" section of the website and get started.


 7. Technical stuff


What video formats are accepted?
Accepted Video Formats - .FLV , .WMV, .AVI, .MPG/MPEG ,

What is the maximum size of the video?
Up to 2 GB file size.