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How It Works

Make Money With Us

Making money with us is real easy…its like slinging rocks to crackheads…once people get a taste they have to come back for more.

College Students

If you are a college student you probably need money…Right? Ok. You got Facebook friends…Right? You got Black Planet friends…Right? MySpace Latino…Right? Twitter contacts… Right ? We can show you how to turn those contacts into cash. We don't want anything from you, like up front fees or to give you any bullshit stupid ass sales pitch about how you can make a million bucks in two weeks.

We are simply trying to help you earn extra money by showing you how to make an entertaining hip hop soap opera available to people that would want to buy it anyway, using contacts you already have.

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Business Affiliates

If you have a business website…we can make you an affiliate and give you a special code that allows you to send our link out to your friends and contacts. Whenever they sign up and buy Dablock, you will get credit and get paid.

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